Why I’m So Awesome at Distraction

I don’t think I have tell anyone this, but I think everyone can find an excuse not to write. It’s finding an excuse to write that’s the difficult part. So in the interest of full disclosure, here is a list of reasons why I haven’t written much in the last two weeks:

– My husband was out of town and I don’t like being in the house alone. Thus, I found it difficult to concentrate.
– My husband was back in town, and the possibility of his entering the room suddenly and interrupting my thought process made it too difficult to concentrate.
– My daughter was sick and needed care.
– My daughter broke her arm (completely separate incident) and needed care. OK, that’s not even true. Yes, her arm is broken, but she doesn’t really need care. Still, for several nights I felt sorry enough for myself about having another toddler break his/her arm that I didn’t feel like writing.

All of these are completely superficial reasons. Not even really reasons at all. But they still add up to my writing a total of 1,000 words in the last few weeks. And my goal was 14,000. Yikes. It sounds even more pathetic when I spell it out. And those were just new reasons for not writing in the last few weeks. On any given night, my regular rotation of reasons are as follows:

– I’m tired.
– There’s something really great on TV.
– I need to catch up on writing blogs, which is really research, and totally worthwhile. (Riiiiight.)
– The baby cried 20 minutes ago, and there’s a chance he will again.
– I just changed a major plot point, which means by the end of my writing session I’ll have deleted more than I wrote. Which is depressing, so I might as well not even start.
– I need to clip coupons/balance the checkbook/pay bills. Actually, anything that would normally be unpleasant and easily avoided must be accomplished immediately.
– The fate of the world rests on my researching all minor actors from an episode of Quantum Leap I caught this afternoon. This includes both their Wikipedia and Internet Movie Database pages.
– My future writing career rests on writing a rambling post for a blog no one reads.

So there are my excuses for not writing this week, last week, last year, and likely the next few years as well. What are yours? 

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